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Why Does This Senior’s Workout Routine Have TikTok Talking?

Why Does This Senior’s Workout Routine Have TikTok Talking?

This Senior’s Workout Routine has TikTok Talking, How to Stay Fit In Your 70’s?
Not only is Dwight Williams following an exercise routine that people half his age would find challenging, he’s also embraced the video-sharing platform TikTok, which is popular with much younger users.

“I’m trying to get into shape for my 73rd birthday,” Dwight said in a video of one of his intense workouts, “but it’s a war. A never-ending battle to fight and slow down the aging process.”

When Dwight was 18, a doctor told him that his left kidney was deteriorating, which sent him on a life-long journey to stay healthy and get fit. When he decided to share his workout videos on TikTok to inspire others, the comments started rolling in:

“You look like you in your 30s”
“You are winning brother. thank you for the inspiration”
“Yesss...I love your dedication”

“I'm a Baby Boomer,” Dwight says. “Even though I'm in my ‘70s, I still feel like I did when I was in my ‘50s.”

We at Camino understand it can be difficult to get moving, but the benefits of moving are truly magic. Here is a link to seven tips on walking better and further.

Does Dwight’s story inspire you? Pledge to take more steps and we’ll send you messages to help keep you motivated to move. Read “How Curiosity and the Magic of Movement Help This 103-Year-Old Age Well” for even more inspiration to get up and get moving!

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