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How Can Curiosity and Movement Help You Age Well?

How Can Curiosity and Movement Help You Age Well?

Cunya Wu has lived a very full 103 years and continues to do so with the help of his daily walks to San Diego’s Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center. “I like seeing people,” he says, “I’m curious what others are engaging in. I walk here and have breakfast and lunch every day. I get expertise along the way.” When the Center’s dining room closed during the pandemic, he still took his daily walks to pick up his meals to go. And it’s certainly helping him to age well.

Cunya fled his home in Nanjing, China during World War II, which set him on a path that included stints as a fourth-grade teacher, a Hunan University electrical engineering student, a translator for the U.S. Army, a radio news broadcaster, and a college professor.

He retired as the dean of the school he founded, Xiamen University College of Technology, at the age of 65 and moved to San Diego to be near his adult children. “I am grateful to be in San Diego,” Cunya says, “and attribute my long life to retiring here. The wonderful, pleasant weather with the sunshine means that I can always be outside and get exercise, walking every day. I call San Diego ‘heaven on earth.’”

How to age well

His advice for aging well? “Be curious, be eager to stimulate your mind, be willing to try new things, treasure time and every moment you have and make the most of it! Stay active both mentally and physically!”

Camino believes that movement is magic. Walking a little and doing it often is hugely valuable to your health, strengthening muscles, increasing bone density, improving balance, and lifting your spirits. We want to help you move more to age well, so Meet Camino and learn about us here!

Does Cunya’s story inspire you? Why don't you start moving now and take a small walk?  You can also read “Seven Ways To Help Seniors Walk More” for some tips on how to get up and get moving!

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