Stylish outside,
smart inside,
simple to use.
Developed with over 1,000 users, clinicians, therapists, and retirement community leaders. Designed in California by a team of leading mechanical and electrical engineers, data scientists, designers and roboticists. Hand built with pride in California.  Beautiful. 
The world’s first
Smart Walker

Packed full of features including

A little boost along flats and up hills makes Camino a breeze. No pushing means walking tall and less tiredness.

As a Camino test pilot said, “I could walk three times further with Camino.”
Automatic gentle braking downhill gives you just the right amount of resistance so you feel confident walking further without having to squeeze the brakes yourself!

Just leave it to Camino magic.
Auto lighting keeps you moving in low light, whether a nighttime bathroom break or walking home after dark. You’ll never be in the dark when you walk with Camino.
Sit Assist
Camino automatically brakes when you take your hands off the grips. With Sitting Support Mode, the handles can be lowered easily from the grips so you can get the right support when sitting down and getting up from a seat.
Narrow mode
Maneuvering through tight spaces is easy with Camino! With just the touch of a button, you can switch from full width to Narrow Mode and back again whenever you need to.
Compact Mode
With Compact Mode, Camino can be folded in just a few seconds to fit under a dining table, slide into the aircraft cabin hold, or fit neatly in a taxi trunk.
Stylish outside
Dazzle your friends and grandchildren. Mobility just got cool. Carbon fiber, machined aluminum, three dashing colors. Turn heads for the right reasons. Bring a little Camino magic into your life.
Smart inside
Smart on the inside, Camino's computers intelligently adapt to your needs. Camino engineers call it AI or Artificial Intelligence. We call it Camino magic. Bring a little power boost on flats and uphill, a little braking downhill so Camino feels light as a feather. You'll have the confidence to walk further and have more fun.
Simple to use
Simple to use. Let Camino magic do the work, no buttons or brake levers required.

*Manual override brakes are included should you prefer to use them!
Fits in nooks,
tucks in crannies
Keep Camino with you wherever you go. Camino can be folded in just a few seconds to sit under your table at restaurants (no more waiting for the waiter to find and bring your walker) or slide into the cabin hold on your flights.  
day & night
Auto lighting keeps you moving in low light, whether it's a nighttime bathroom break or walking home after sundown.
Technical specifications*

Uphill boost
Makes Camino feel light as a feather
Maximum user weight
300 lbs
Fold down height
Battery life
5 miles regular usage
Battery charge time
1 hr
Carbon fiber composite, aluminum
2 yr parts and labor warranty

*We are continuing to refine and improve Camino and tech specs are subject to change.
Come walk
with Camino,
the Smart Walker
With our team of First Movers, we are in the final stages of refining and testing Camino for launch early next year. Sign up for an exclusive discount and early access to the world's first Smart Walker. Be a part of Camino's family of First Movers and join our waitlist.
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