One step at a time
Welcome Retirment Community leaders and teams, clinicians, MDs, PT and carers. We salute you for the care you give to the older adults in your life. Like you, we're passionate about helping older adults move more, have fun, and age well. Let's chat to explore how we can help your community to age well.
Camino is a Smart Walker equipped with autonomous power & brake assist, which provides a safe boost uphill and more control when walking downhill. Smart AI provides user stability tracking, gait data collection, and a continually-evolving panel of diagnostics.  Soon, our connected services will also enable remote care, biofeedback, and coaching.

We've brought 80-year-old technology — bent metal frames, wheels, and yes, tennis balls — into the 21st century with power, AI, machined aircraft-grade aluminum, ultra-light carbon fiber… and absolutely zero tennis balls. Camino is defining a new category of mobility devices to make millions of lives better for longer.
Seeking innovative retirement community leaders
We are actively working with innovative retirement communities in the Phoenix Valley to bring the benefits of Camino to their communities in Beta trials as part of our FDA approval process.  If you would like to know more about how we could collaborate to help your community age well, please contact us.

Dimensions Of Wellness

We understand the importance of the dimensions of wellness to help people age well, and we’ve built Camino to support many of these dimensions. Our mission is anchored in the understanding that movement is magic. As a carer, you know helping older adults to move just a little bit more has some truly amazing benefits. Movement builds muscle, strengthens bones, improves balance, lifts spirits, and helps older adults engage more with their communities, nature, and the world at large.

Show time, introducing the Movement for Movers
We created the Movement for Movers community to inspire people to move more, whatever their ability. Connect your community to the Movement for Movers for inspiration, stories of fellow movers, health advice, and hacks to help them move more and age well.

We are keen host health, wellness and fun events in communities to inform and inspire older adults to move more and age well. If you would like to discuss hosting an event in your community, please contact us.

Come walk
with Camino,
the Smart Walker
With our team of First Movers, we are in the final stages of refining and testing Camino for launch early next year. Sign up for an exclusive discount and early access to the world's first Smart Walker. Be a part of Camino's family of First Movers and join our waitlist.
Senior Wellness & Inspiration
Whatever your ability, we're here to help you move more.
Join us for inspirational stories to help you keep moving!